Solving problems with design for more than 6 years.

The beginning

I'm so grateful for my parents. From when I can remember, I was always trying to build something to sell or working in their fruit store all day long in order to buy something I wanted.

That leaded to me developing and entrepreneurial culture since I was really young. Funny thing is that I was always known in my friend group as the "business guy".

My first business venture was a party event. Even tho I never heard of Branding or Design at that point I knew that my event needs to be unique and send a message with easy to understand banners as quickly as possible.

After a month of hard work and dedication "Project Blackout" was founded and gathered more than 300 people in a single place for 5 parties in a row. I started to wonder, why no one else managed to achieve such a great result?

The answer was our brand positioning and promotion designs, that no one else bothered to design. And yeah, that's 15 year old me talking....

The learning phase

After I've seen the effect of Strategic Design at such a young age, I've decided to spend all of my free time in the following years learning design as a strategy tool.

That leaded me to start an Instagram page, gather more than 130k followers in a short span of time. I was able to leverage that brand "Become Entrepreneur" to jumpstart my Design Business. It started with designing the best images for the social posts, research how to create websites and sell digital goods.

Spending all my mornings before school to work on my passion wasn't fun story to tell in school after, but I did it anyway. By learning in the best way possible, online, I was able to slowly dig deep into the effects design has on our everyday life & started offering that to my clients.

The current

Fast Forward 6 years later, I'm helping clients all over the world achieve their business results with strategic design, design sprints and #nocode tools like Webflow.

Uros Mikic
Design Strategist & Founder of Flow Ninja

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